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Question 1

What is the consensus protocol of the Tezos Blockchain?

Question 2

What is baking?

Question 3

How many tezos must be delegated to a private key to have a chance to participate in the consensus mecanism?

Question 4

How many blocks are in a cycle?

Question 5

Once selected, how long will a baker have to freeze part of his tokens to bake a block?

Question 6

What is true about baker and endorser selection?

Question 7

What does an accuser monitor?

Question 8

What is true about the Tez inflation?

Question 9

How much is the baking reward per endorsement?

Question 10

If an endorser has been attributed 3 slots, how much will his reward be?

Question 11

Which of the following Tezos blockchain actors is considered a delegate?

Question 12

What is the minimum amount required to become a baker?

Question 13

During the Baking process, what fraudulent motive results in the loss of its frozen Tez?

Question 14

What is the correct command line to run a baker on the Mainnet, supposing the account alias is "bob"?

Question 15

What are the two periods in which you can realize a "ballot" operation?